Poll gives UK May's Conservatives commanding lead ahead of June election

Theresa May's party hit 40 per cent in a survey while Labour is projected to take 30 per cent.

Labour was on 26 per cent, the Liberal Democrats on 10 per cent and Ukip on eight per cent.

Labour are down three points, but the Tories have soared by 12 points and appear to have picked up all the UKIP supporters, many of whom were previous Labour loyalists.

But few Welsh Labour MPs backed him, many fearing the Tory surge of the 2015 general election - and the fact Wales voted for "Leave" in the 2016 European Union referendum - was an ominous warning of the dangers posed by votes lost to UKIP.

Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats are projected, by this poll, to hold the seats they now have but make no gains.

The prime minister will use a visit to the Tories' target seats in south Wales to drive home her warning of a "collaboration" among opposition parties to frustrate Brexit if voters deny her an outright majority.

It's the first time the Conservatives have led Labour in a YouGov voting intention survey.

A two thirds shift from UKIP to Conservative would see around 18,500 Tory votes in Alyn and Deeside a 2000 majority based on 2015 figures.

The political expert from Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre, which co-commissioned the poll, said such a result would be of "long-term historic significance".

The huge leap in the Tory rating since our last poll has come mostly at the expense of UKIP.

But former Plaid leader, Ieuan Wyn Jones, is seeking selection as a candidate in his former Ynys Mon constituency.

"We could be just over six weeks from that near-century of one-party dominance coming to an abrupt end".

  • Leroy Wright