Opposition promises more public holidays in United Kingdom vote

Jeremy Corbyn has said the SNP is "obsessed" with independence and only his party can keep the Tories out of power.

However, aside from voting numbers the party said it has approached local Labour parties to see if its supporters can assist with political campaigning ahead of the June 8 poll.

A poll of 1,001 Scottish adults taken by Survation for the Sunday Post following the Prime Minister's announcement of a snap election revealed that 28 per cent are planning to vote for the Scottish Conservatives, almost doubling their 15 per cent support at the last election, while just 18 per cent back Scottish Labour.

The party will insist that failing to reach a deal with Brussels is not an option and will promise to give Parliament a meaningful vote on the final agreement.

The Labour leader - a lifelong opponent of nuclear weapons - went on to say there was a "discussion" going on within the party as to whether the existing commitment to maintain Trident would be in the election manifesto.

"A Labour government is the only way to prevent a Tory hard Brexit that would put jobs, the economy and workers' rights at risk". Because on an issue of this importance, the Government can't hide from the public or Parliament.

Plaid Cymru, which campaigned to stay in the European Union, says it accepts that the people of Wales voted to leave, but says single market membership should be preserved to protect Welsh jobs.

He added that he was "not prepared for Labour not to accept the result and not to genuinely accept the result", of the Brexit referendum.

Influential figures like former Prime Minister Tony Blair argue that May made the call because she knew the Labour Party is in a disadvantaged situation.

Over the weekend, however, several MPs spoke out against Blair's view.

Parry spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer after Corbyn said he wouldn't proactively use the UK's nuclear deterrent, nor would he necessarily back a drone strike to kill the leader of Isis.

Instead, it will focus on delivering a deal which "retains the benefits" of single market and customs union membership.

Mr Corbyn has been buoyed by winning the backing of the Communist Party of Britain, which has announced it will not field any candidates for the first time in history to back the Labour leader.

He said: "The point is whether I'm Labour or I'm not Labour - even if there's Conservatives or Liberal Democrats - I will work with anyone to get this argument across in the country".

Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats, said voters would get a chance "to reflect on whether they like the (Brexit) deal" and to change the country's direction.

  • Leroy Wright