Mexico border wall very important tool to stop drugs

United States government funding expires this coming Friday, with the government now being funded by a continuing resolution passed in December 2016.

As it stands, funding for Trump's border wall (with US tax dollars because Mexico isn't paying for it) will be revisited in the fall.

Republican aides in Congress said negotiations on a bill to fund the government from April 28 to September 30 were continuing, but they provided no timetable for unveiling legislation, or guarantees that such a bill could be passed.

But as for whether he supports funding Trump's border wall vision, Scott gave himself room to maneuver.

We recently asked you to support our journalism. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Sunday there are a number of ways to extract the billions of dollars needed to build Trump's wall. Estimates have pegged the cost atl near $20 billion.

"Talks had been going along pretty well, actually, between Hill Republicans and Hill Democrats over the Easter-Passover break", says Zwillich.

"POTUS' insistence on the wall is a sign of weakness, robs children of investments in their future & has bipartisan opposition", House minority leader Nancy Pelosi tweeted.

Democrats called Mulvaney's Obamacare offer a non-starter, saying they refuse to include any funds for a wall in the spending bill. The wall, which experts say would cost US$21.6 billion and take 31/2 years to construct, has emerged as a crucial sticking point for the White House, with the President insisting privately and publicly that progress towards its funding and eventual construction must be showcased this week. "Once the government is up and running, and stays open and running, then we have to just fight this out over the next year".

President Donald Trump is heading into one of the most challenging weeks of his presidency, juggling a renewed health care push and a looming budget deadline.

On Friday, the administration floated a proposal to bridge the divide with Democrats-whose support for a final budget deal is vital to keeping the government afloat-on the border wall issue.

Schumer said on MSNBC that Republican and Democratic leaders were on their way to a resolution when Trump intervened "and he throws a monkey wrench in it".

Trump repeatedly promised on the campaign trail that Mexico would pay for the wall, but he sought to explain Sunday that "eventually, but at a later date so we can get started early, Mexico will be paying, in some form, for the badly needed border wall".

Republicans may not be willing to allow the government to shut down over the wall.

"If the president stepped out of it, we could get a budget done by Friday", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Monday in a conference call with reporters, referring to Democratic and Republican budget negotiators.

And some Democrats would plainly relish the political upside of a unified Republican government ushering in Mr Trump's 100th day by failing to keep the lights on.

"I don't think that's a very smart thing to do", he added.

"But Democrats want the narrative that they dealt him a loss on the wall", the aide said, adding it would be hard to bring any of the minority party on board with new construction on the southwest border.

Meanwhile, Ryan says he's encouraged by the GOP's efforts toward writing a new health care bill - one aimed at bridging the gaps between centrist Republicans and hard-line conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus. Building a border wall to reduce illegal immigration was one of Trump's top campaign promises.

On Wednesday, the President is expected to unveil a tax reform blueprint which will cut corporate tax rates from 35 percent to 15 percent.

Despite pressure from the White House to vote on a revised healthcare bill this week, House Republican leaders have signaled they'd rather wait until they are sure the measure will succeed.

"If you can make this about better border security, the president's in good shape", Graham said.

  • Carolyn Briggs