May's Conservatives at 50 percent in poll, highest since 1991

"In a strongly worded response to reports that the government was considering dropping its commitment to devote 0.7 percent of national income to aid each year, Jim Yong Kim said the money the United Kingdom provided was vital not just for developing countries but for the future of the world..."

Speaking at a GSK factory in her Maidenhead constituency this afternoon, the prime minister said she was "proud" of the UK's record around the world.

Asked on the campaign trail whether she would rule out tax rises, she said: "Let's be very clear on the issue of taxation".

Britain is spent around £13.3bn on foreign aid in 2016 and is one of just six countries that has met the UN's 0.7% target for spending.

However, she stressed the need to ensure the money is spent "in the most effective way" but her comments end the speculation surrounding the policy.

"It was the Liberal Democrats in coalition that successfully made the case for a ring-fenced aid budget, ensuring that the United Kingdom acted with charity and compassion towards the poorest people in the world".

Cllr Les Jones (pictured above) was chuffed to have Prime Ministerial support on his door knocking endeavours as he awaits official confirmation of his candidacy for Dudley North and he said:"I think she realises how important the West Midlands is going to be in this campaign".

May had been coming under pressure after refusing to reassure supporters of the aid budget during Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday.

And yesterday Microsoft founder Bill Gates used a speech in London to praise Britain's foreign aid Budget as "visible proof of the UK's goodwill and humanity".

As well as the tax lock, the Conservatives are also now bound to meet strict deficit targets, and protect huge areas of public spending, including pensions, under the "triple lock" policy.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has said extending the triple-lock into the next parliament would be subject to "review" and accused Labour, which has pledged to keep it, of wanting to "spray" around money.

  • Leroy Wright