Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Release Date Set, Nine New Characters Announced

Capcom has announced the release date for its highly anticipated fighting game, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite , along with new additions to the roster and more details regarding the story and other game modes. In it, the greatest villains from both sides of Capcom and Marvel merge to create a fearsome entity known only as Ultron Sigma. Well, according to the trailer, we now know that Hulk and Thor are joining the party, along with Chun Li, Chris Redfield and more, to keep things interesting on the roster.

Capcom has finally started talking about their new crossover fighter again, with talk of six DLC-only characters and skins.

Capcom put out a new trailer for the game that revealed the supervillain at the centre of the story of the game: Ultron Sigma. This time, it involves Ultron, long-time Mega Max X foe Commander Sigma, a sinister deal, Infinity Gem nonsense, and it's all just delightfully bonkers.

Infinite Power: Pulled from classic Marvel lore, unique and game-changing Infinity Stones can be implemented into players' strategies as a way to influence the outcome of battle.

This is the first time for Ultron though, who seems to be the primary bad guy along with Mega Man X villain Sigma.

A teaser for the Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Collector's Edition
A glimpse of Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite’s Collector’s Edition as teased at the end of the story trailer

In addition to the compelling cinematic story experience, single player Arcade, Training and Mission modes and vast multiplayer offerings will provide memorable experiences and infinite gameplay possibilities for players of all skill levels.

Anyone that pre-orders any edition of the game, including Standard, will receive the bonus costumes Warrior Thor and Evil Ryu.

The heroes will clash on September 19, says Capcom, across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Which edition of Infinite do you plan on picking up?

  • Carolyn Briggs