Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Strip Down to Bikinis in Mexico

However, even though they're more than happy to share every detail of their lives, what we get to see is usually carefully edited to ensure that everything still looks as glossy and ideal as possible.

Showing off the curves that helped make her a celebrity, Kim Kardashian has been chilling in Mexico with her sister Kourtney.

"So I'm gonna give you guys a play by play of the trip so far", she tweeted on Monday, April 24, before posting several more messages describing what they'd been up to.

But it seems Jen may have ended up taking a swig from that spiked shake herself, as she found herself inexplicably drunk-braiding the birthday girl's hair later that day, taking a pic of the center French braid she created while inebriated: "So I did a drunk braid on @kourtneykardash today (It was me drinking)".

"Nicole Reda had a 10 minute blackout and tried to fight @steph_shep".

The mother of two, who is married to U.S. rapper Kanye West, 39, appeared confident as she walked through the waves.

"@jOYCEBONELLi put nipple clamps on @ForeverMalika".

'I think it's refreshing to see pictures of Kim Kardashian when she doesn't look so cellulite-free.

Needless to say, we didn't know how to process any of that information.

And finally, Kim appeared to hit back at her body shamers after unairbrushed photos of her on the beach were published yesterday.

Apparently, without the miraculous Spanx and other tricks, Kim Kardashian is just an average woman with lots of flaws.

And after exposing Kourtney's drunken antics, Kim later added: "Oh and @kourtneykardash won't stop doing naked cart wheels".

"I may or may not have thrown up four times last night and slept in #birthdayvibes", she wrote.

Never change, Kim, never change.

  • Salvatore Jensen