'Just Kill Me': Police Detail Doctor's Removal From United Flight

The United Airlines passenger who made global headlines after being dragged from a flight earlier this month injured himself by resisting, according to police reports from the incident.

In a separate report released by the city's Department of Aviation, an officer involved in the incident said that officers used "minimal but necessary force" to remove David Dao.

Not one, but TWO aviation officers have tried to claim that it was Dao who caused his extensive injuries - which include a broken nose, a serious concussion, and the loss of his two front teeth.

The reports also reveal for the first time the names of the four officers involved-James Long, Mauricio Rodriguez Jr., Steven Smith, and Sgt. John Moore-all of whom were placed on leave by the Chicago Department of Aviation after the incident.

Long claimed that Dao knocked the officer's arm away, "which caused the subject to fall, hit, and injured his mouth on the armrest on the other side of the aisle".

The report itself largely echoes what had previously been relayed by video, witness accounts, and Dao's lawyer Tom Demetrio.

A lawyer for Dao said Monday it's too late for the airline's CEO to apologize face-to-face and that his client intends to file a lawsuit. But then, according to the documents, he ran to the back of the aircraft, clasped himself to a pole and said: "I'm not getting off the plane". In one, a "mother of two" named Beth wrote: "You have a MAJOR public perception problem on your hand. Just kill me. I want to go home", according to the report. That's when the police were called to remove the man, later identified as Dao. Videos of the event do not show this moment clearly.

The ensuing public outrage prompted United Airlines to issue several apologies and launch a review of its procedures when dealing with sold-out flights.

United has been pummeled on social media - #BoycottUnited is a popular hashtag - and late-night television.

Meantime on Tuesday, Munoz was asked if the company ever considered firing anyone, including management.

"It was a system failure across various areas", Munoz continued.

A still from a Twitter video shared by a user who was allegedly on the United Airlies flight where a passenger was forcibly removed by Aviation Police.

The Kentucky resident was one of four people randomly chosen to be "re-accomodated" from the Louisville-bound flight because United needed seats for employees.

United has committed to sharing the results of their review and their subsequent actions by April 30.

  • Zachary Reyes