Former Lyft Driver Sues Uber Over 'Hell' Tracking Program

Uber disputed the charge of giving preference to drivers using both services in a comment to the Information but has not commented further on the program. An embarrassing viral video of Kalanick that showed him yelling at an Uber driver over falling fares also emerged, prompting a public apology from the executive. "However, if true, these allegations are very concerning", Lyft told the Information regarding the report. But, it has been said that Uber built fake accounts on Lyft and exploited a then-known vulnerability to spoof passenger locations and learn about the eight closest Lyft drivers around a certain location. Barely days after being sued by Hailo Technologies for patent infringement comes yet another lawsuit by a former Lyft driver alleging that a secret program- internally called "Hell"- created by the ride-hailing giant to spy on its rival's drivers violated federal and state privacy laws.

The lawsuit, filed by Michael Gonzalez, who drove for Lyft from 2012 until November 2014, asserts that in using Hell, Uber engaged in "unlawful invasion of privacy and interception of electronic communications and images".

Gonzales's complaint, filed in San Francisco's US District Court, alleges that Uber used Lyft driver data to identify which drivers utilized both Uber and Lyft, in order to encourage those drivers to focus on Uber, thereby making Lyft customers wait longer for rides and reducing Lyft's earnings. The $70 billion cab aggregator hasn't confirmed the existence of any such software, which it was using back in 2015.

The suit argues that the program unfairly harmed business for Lyft drivers whilst improving Uber's business.

At this point in 2017, the drink every time there is bad Uber news game has jumped from fun to lethal.

  • Carolyn Briggs