Democrat Congressional Candidate Exceeds Expectations

Georgia's 6th congressional district is the last place you'd expect to be on national news, but in its special election to replace former Rep. Tom (President Donald Trump's pick for health secretary), the district - and its young Democratic long-shot candidate Jon Ossoff - have risen to fame.

Republicans called Ossoff's showing a failure to buy the seat, noting that he spent more than $8 million, and predicted Handel will prevail in a one-on-one runoff June 20. Republican Karen Handel, a former Georgia secretary of state, finished a distant second, qualifying for the June 20 runoff.

President Trump took credit for helping to block Democrat John Ossoff from getting an outright win in a congressional special election in Georgia.

A narrow miss by a Democratic newcomer in a conservative Georgia House district has triggered a high-stakes runoff that could test President Donald Trump's influence and the limits of the backlash against him.

Although Ossoff took the lead in the results, all of the Republicans in the race earned a combined 51 percent, indicating that Handel is still likely to do well in June.

Deal, a Republican, said that Handel is best equipped to serve the needs of constituents of the 6th District, which encompasses Atlanta's northern suburbs, including parts of Cobb, Fulton and DeKalb counties.

While no poll showed Ossoff getting to 50 percent (even with undecided voters allocated), he was dominating the early vote. That leaves 11 Republican candidates hoping the 30-year-old investigative filmmaker fails to reach a majority. "These liberal Democrats failed to inspire voters with a candidate who couldn't even vote for himself, received 97 percent of his donations from outside the district, and consistently lied about his own weak resume".

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Republicans believe a two-candidate scenario will embolden conservative voters and make it harder for Ossoff to campaign above the fray as he has thus far. Above all, Ossoff's digital media campaign has centered on the slogan, "Make Trump Furious", which has summarily helped him raise millions of dollars from almost 200,000 individual donations.

Now that she's made the runoff, it's unclear how Handel will handle Trump. After bringing up the amount of money and resources Ossoff and the Democrats threw at the race, Spicer then described it as a defeat for them. Ossoff has marshalled an army of volunteers, and reportedly amassed millions of dollars in out-of-state contributions by Democratic groups. "I wouldn't use the word referendum", White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, adding, "I think (Trump) hopes to have a Republican elected to that seat, and hopefully it will be someone to follow in Tom Price's footsteps and be a leader from that district".

  • Larry Hoffman