10 ways he and Fox News harassed us all

While one source claimed that "it is a staggering amount", another source gave the exact number of the alleged payout: an astonishing $25 million.

Following a vacation from Fox News from which he never returned, Bill O'Reilly is not saying goodbye just yet to his television, announcing on his website that he will host a podcast Monday to have his say about his dismissal following numerous accusations by women of sexual harassment, charges that hurt the show's advertising revenue.

The podcast, available to premium subscribers of O'Reilly's website, would be the former cable news host's first time speaking publicly since his ouster at Fox News Wednesday following an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment.

Former Fox host Bill O'Reilly was sacked from the network on Wednesday
REUTERS Former Fox host Bill O'Reilly was sacked from the network on Wednesday

Disgraced ex-Fox superstar Bill O'Reilly has a new seven-figure job offer - anchoring an online show live from seven legal brothels in Nevada. According to the New York Times, the amount paid out to these women, in exchange for their silence and an agreement to not pursue litigation, totaled to around $13 million.

"As I'm walking in front of him, he makes these remarks", she says of O'Reilly, who said "lookin' good, girl".

While it remains uncertain where O'Reilly will transfer following his exit from Fox News, it is suspected that his net worth will further expand, much more if his contract with the network is not fully consumed yet upon his departure. And so I have put to rest any controversies to spare my children. The April 20 front-page article "O'Reilly Out at Fox News, Denies Harassment Claims" describes the action Fox News took to fire Mr. O'Reilly. Those of us in the arena are constantly at risk, as are our families and children.

  • Carolyn Briggs