US Homeland Security not targeting Dreamers - Kelly

"There are so many aspects to this terrorist thing".

Kelly said in a speech delivered Tuesday at George Washington University's Center for Cyber and Homeland Security such a partnership with the commercial sector seeks to build up cyber resilience in the country's physical and digital infrastructure. "Obviously you've got the homegrown terrorists". "I don't know how to stop that. I don't know how to detect that", he said. He again highlighted the threat from terrorism to aviation saying "if they're successful, they're going to kill hundreds and hundreds of people in one fell swoop".

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Sunday that he believes President Donald Trump "will be insistent" that lawmakers include money for a US-Mexico border wall in a spending bill that they need to pass by Friday to avoid a government shutdown. Trump has said Dreamers "have nothing to worry about", but Attorney General Jeff Sessions last week said immigrants who arrived in the United States as children were "subject to being deported". It was part of the San Bernardino shooting, a part of the Boston bombing.

"Don't know yet", Mulvaney said on Fox News Sunday.

Kelly, asked to clarify his remarks, admitted homegrown terror was "a big problem", but did little to scale back his claim he didn't know how to fight it.

KELLY: It is a big problem. 'It is, you know, depending on where you sit is where you stand on this, it is a big threat. "Is it the number one threat?"

"I think Mr. Trump will be dealing with this in real terms before he starts his second term", Kelly responded.

'But it's something I watch every day, ask four or five times a day, because there are a number of plots that we're watching very, very closely, ' he said.

'Whether you're a parent, a sibling, an imam, and this extends frankly, John, to white supremacists and that kind of terrorism as well, ' Kelly began. "And some type of a barrier, an effective barrier backed up by the fearless and very effective men and women of DHS, I believe is essential". However, his order also had the effect of blocking and delaying green card holders who were trying to re-enter the United States.

As Kelly noted, cooperation with the communities these individuals belong to is key to fighting the terrorist threat.

  • Leroy Wright