Samuel Johnson's touching Logies tribute to sick sister

When he accepted the award for Best Actor Johnson took the opportunity to speak again about his sister Connie's cancer diagnosis.

But the celebrations didn't stop there as later in the evening Samuel took home the biggest award of the night, the Gold Logie.

The actor who also won an award for his role as Molly Meldrum was joined on stage by the iconic music journalist.

Meldrum's speech was affectionate in its intention, but rambling.

Watch the actor's Gold Logie acceptance below.

Molly was then helped off the stage by Johnson, who smiled politely throughout.

"Thanks for the ovation - I'm chuffed with that", Kennerley said. "Was it a good idea or what?"

He recounted arriving back in Australia after Johnson's show The Secret Life of Us had begun airing and saw an episode where someone "shows her tits".

"So on behalf of the drama Queen of Australia, I would like to crown you also with my gold hat, here it is, well done".

"I did none of that", Johnson added, wryly.

Samuel Johnson is riding high after taking out the ~prestigious~ Gold Logie last night but it's a high of the all-natural variety, unlike some of his peers. But it was also driven by support from Love Your Sister, the cancer fundraising charity, which has 382,000 Facebook likes. "Facebook has been swinging voting results lately, and I think we're no exception".

"I can not play pretend on telly while our families are falling", Johnson wrote on his Love Your Sister Facebook page in February. I had it all planned! "I love you, Connie, I love you".

The incident capped off a night rich with sentiment but - until its final moments - few surprises.

"I feel like I'm retiring the year I've won the Brownlow."

On Monday, Johnson revealed, despite the double Logie win, that he would stick with his decision to retire from acting.

Overall the telecast of the 59th annual TV Week Logie Awards, which included touching tributes to legendary comic John Clarke and television pioneer Reg Grundy, was sentimental in tone.

And, she would soon learn, the 38-year-old dedicated his award to her.

Hall of Fame inductee Kerri-Anne Kennerley and her husband John.

"George said he was devastated to find out", Hughes said as the camera settled on Calombaris in the audience.

Of Worner and his now infamous affair with a former executive assistant, Amber Harrison, Hughes said: "Jessica Marais is up for two shows".

The prominence of women in the night's major category became something of an issue in the lead-up to the awards; the Gold Logie has been awarded to a woman only 23 times in its nearly 60-year history.

Eventually Johnson, who beat the favourite and last year's victor, Waleed Aly, to the Gold for best personality on Australian television, stood to one side and introduced Meldrum.

The night as a whole ran as it should and all winners were very deserving.

"There's not much work going around at the best of times".

  • Salvatore Jensen