Russia, Iran, Syria denounce USA 'act of aggression'

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem stressed that the U.S. strike in Shayrat airbase last week a breach of the worldwide law and of the sovereignty of a United Nations member state.

"He stressed that Russian Federation is in a position to use its influence over the Assad regime to ensure it is never again necessary for the act", Toner said. "We urge the USA and their allies to respect Syria's sovereignty".

The tension already arises between the two countries since the U.S President Donald Trump release his order to launch a missile at Syria's airbase which can be interpreted as an act of war by the Syrian government.

"Not everybody is happy about the progress that we ensured together with our Turkish and Iranian counterparts, as well as with the Syrian government and Kazakhstan, while the United States participated as an observer at the Astana talks", Lavrov said. "This means that they do not want success in the peace process", the top Syrian diplomat said, according to SANA news agency. "However, the question is if there will be new attempts to carry out aggression against Syria".

The US has mostly been backing Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the north, who rarely clash with pro-regime forces.

US officials said that the missile strike was made against the facility from which the chemical attacks were carried out, as quoted by an earlier article by CNN.

He said this was "concluded" during Wednesday's visit of U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Moscow.

Turkey, which shares a 822 kilometer with Syria that the Turks have been reinforcing through the construction of a border wall and military forays into Syria, has deemed its participation in Syria as needed.

According to U.S. official, on President Donald Trump's command, the USA warships launched at least 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syria's airbase which used as a home of the warplanes that carried out chemical gas.

On the other hand, the Syrian minister said that Damascus called upon the OPCW to form an impartial, honest and balanced investigation committee to find out the reality.

  • Zachary Reyes