Did Aaron Hernandez Kill Odin Lloyd to Cover Up His Bisexuality?

After the MA medical examiner ruled the death a suicide, Hernandez's brain was taken to Boston University, where scientists will study it for any signs of repeated trauma suffered during his years of playing football. According to law enforcement sources, police believed Hernandez shot Lloyd to prevent him from telling people that he was bisexual.

Serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for murder, details suggest that Hernandez had killed Lloyd to hide his bisexuality and that he had a gay lover in prison up until his death.

Why did Aaron Hernandez shoot and kill his former friend Odin Lloyd in an industrial park near his home back in 2013?

Throughout that case, prosecutors theorized Hernandez killed Lloyd because he feared he might implicate him in other violent crimes he was suspected of being involved in. Later, a man accused of helping Hernandez attempt to hide Lloyd's murder told his girlfriend he would not have helped him had he known he was a "limp wrist".

A co-defendant in Lloyd's murder privately confirmed to detectives that Lloyd knew Hernandez's secret, Newsweek reported.

The complaint asks that prison officials be barred from altering or destroying any potential evidence, including Hernandez's writings, medical records and video and audio recordings.

"Hernandez's alleged longtime male lover, the high school friend, was interviewed extensively by authorities after Lloyd's murder, and was forced to testify in front of a grand jury".

Hernandez left three notes in his prison cell before he hung himself last week - one to his fiancee, one to his daughter, and one to his prison boyfriend, who is now on suicide watch, according to Newsweek.

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, who is also the mother of his child, could take legal action against the prison that didn't manage to stop Hernandez from hanging himself while in their custody.

An attorney for Aaron Hernandez's estate expects to sue state officials for negligence surrounding his apparent suicide and railed against the "salacious" details leaked to the media, he said in court on Friday. Rapoport spoke about a odd interaction he had with Hernandez in the locker room, one that possibly put the reporter's life at risk.

  • Julie Sanders