10 bold predictions one week before the NFL Draft

The Browns have been linked to Jimmy Garoppolo of the New England Patriots and A.J. McCarron of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Also, Brown was asked for a possible trade happening before the 2017 NFL Draft. You be the judge whether the Jets are being a willing accomplice to drive down the price of a division rival's asset. He mentions that the current contention between the teams is that the Jets want the No. 33 pick and No. 108 pick to drop from No. 6 to No. 12, but the Browns are offering the No. 52 and No. 145 selections instead.

"We do go into each draft with a plan", Brown said.

If the Browns come out of the first round with Myles Garrett taking over one of their outside linebacker positions and Trubisky, who will eventually line up under center, even if it isn't immediately, that would certainly look good for them on paper.

The Patriots are pretty adamant in their leaks that they're not shopping Garoppolo and perhaps the Browns have made a decision to move on with a rookie quarterback. Kiper has North Carolina State safety Josh Jones going 52nd with the Browns' second pick in the second round and Hunt, the running back from Willoughby South and Toledo, being taken by the Browns with the first pick in the third round - pick 65 overall.

On Wednesday, Browns vice president of player personnel Andrew Berry acknowledged what many draft experts have said about this year's class of defensive backs. "And he also may, in fact, be the Browns' top quarterback". There have been numerous mock drafts floating around the internet suggesting the Bears will go with Alabama Crimson Tide defensive end Jonathan Allen to bolster their roster in that area. Bears - They signed Mike Glennon to a multi-year deal, but they are not committed too much beyond 2017.

"You don't get a chance to see these guys really get a good, hard rush on people at times", Jeremiah said last week. The Browns are still undecided between Myles Garrett and Mitch Trubisky, but they could end up with both players if they can pull off a big trade. But if the Browns think Trubisky is the best quarterback in the draft, it seems odd that they'd settle for their No. 2 or No. 3 quarterback.

Browns coach Hue Jackson has declared his preference for Garrett over any of the quarterbacks in the draft. "There will be a lot of good Cleveland Browns players coming off the board on Thursday and Friday night". That's what all of those draft picks that have been stockpiled are for. As rookies last season, Kessler started eight games and Hogan played in four for the Browns.

"We are not trying to take some approach where it is this draft or bust", he said. The teams that we play against have all been together a long time and have those systems very right.

However, it's not their No.1 pick, but their No. 12 pick, that's making the beginning of the first round something of a fluid situation. Doing so should yield them extra draft picks they can use later to fill more holes than they would have with just the picks they now have.

  • Julie Sanders