United Airlines, city agree to preserve evidence in Dao incident

Hype, born Collin Nigel McPherson in the Spice Island of Grenada, has released a skit on the incident on Social Media, under the theme, what would have been the reaction if United had tried to remove a West Indian from its flight.

Under the change, crew travel must be booked at least 60 minutes before departure - so that while passengers may still be bumped in favor of crew members, it won't happen once they've already boarded the aircraft.

The policy change came after its violent removal of an Asian-American passenger from a flight on Sunday night evolved into a public relations crisis.

United Airlines said it will no longer allow employees to take the seats of civilian passengers on full flights following an incident in which a man was forcibly dragged off an overbooked plane.

The video has been viewed millions of times worldwide, and caused a global uproar and grabbed headlines in multiple countries. Despite this general consensus, United initially accused Dao of acting belligerently, which only added to its not-insignificant PR problem.

"We have committed to our customers and our employees that we are going to fix what's broken so this never happens again, " Munoz said in a statement posted on the airline's website.

United spokeswoman Maggie Schmerin told the AP on Sunday, April 16, that the change marks a first step in a review of company policies.

According to the AP, Delta had the lowest rate among airlines of bumping passengers off flights against their will a year ago. In effect, this means that United employees can still take passengers' seats, but not once they are actually seated on the plane. Video of the incident quickly went viral, causing global outrage.

The 69-year-old physician had refused to leave, saying he needed to go home to see his patients.

The incident has created a major publicity nightmare for United Airlines and the internet is showing no mercy as well.

Though United Chief Executive Officer Oscar Munoz apologized Monday for "having to re-accommodate these customers", his words rang hollow to many. They have said they will sue the carrier.

  • Zachary Reyes