U.S. carrier heading for Korea trains with Japanese destroyers

For the record, Spicer was asked on April 11 about the significance of the fact that the "USS Carl Vinson is sort of steaming out toward the Sea of Japan" and replied that "when you see a carrier group steaming into an area like that, the forward presence of that is clearly, through nearly every instance, a huge deterrence".

The Navy announced on April 9 that the Carl Vinson Strike Group would skip a regularly scheduled visit to Australia and head toward the western Pacific Ocean instead.

North Korea has conducted five nuclear weapons tests, two of them past year, and has carried out a stream of ballistic missile tests, in defiance of United Nations sanctions. President Donald Trump previously stated that the U.S.is "sending an armada" to address the growing threats in the region.

President Donald Trump's administration has denied being misleading about a USA carrier strike group's push toward the Korean Peninsula, saying it never gave an arrival date and that the ships were still on their way.

The MSDF destroyers Samidare and Ashigara were taking part in the exercises, said to be aimed at discouraging more missile and nuclear tests by North Korea this week.

United States vice-president Mike Pence has said it should arrive "within days" after it carried out a short training exercise with Australian forces.

"This disconnect between the White House and Pacific Command may be an operational issue but it is distinctly odd", said Storey, who is based at the ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute. "It has happened; it is happening, rather".

"We're doing exactly what we said we were going to do, " Mattis told reporters in a video posted to the Department of Defense website.

By the time Pentagon said U.S. was sending an aircraft carrier, vessels were temporarily headed in the opposite direction.

But the US carrier and three warships from Singapore on April 8 to the Korean peninsula, according to a statement by US Defense Secretary James Mattis on April 11, were in the Strait of Georgia.

Later that day, the carrier had made its way into the Indian Ocean-far from the Korean Peninsula and North Korea, which was busy celebrating the birthday of its late founder, Kim Il Sung, with a military parade.

Spicer said he never spoke to the timeline of the aircraft carrier's movements, only what message it sent: "foreign presence, strength and a reassurance to allies".

  • Leroy Wright