Supergirl: Will General Zod Be In The Season 2 Finale Episode?

In 1980's Superman II, General Zod was played by Terrance Stamp and later by Michael Shannon in 2013's Man of Steel. One thing that I find surprising (and that's just me), however (if the rumor turns out to be true), is that they didn't go with someone with a more recognizable name for the role of the iconic Kryptonian villain.

The role of Zod will certainly not be Gibbon's first venture into the superhero television/film universe as the actor has previously appeared in "Man of Steel" as an oil rig worker and in three different roles on "Smallville".

This bit of information doesn't seem like a leap in the slightest, especially when you factor in the knowledge that Tyler Hoechlin is set to return as Superman in said finale. That could be one of the reasons why we haven't see Lex Luthor on the show yet - and why we may ultimately not see him at all. Although the network and producers of the show have yet to confirm the casting, the website reported that as of Thursday, Gibbon was filming scenes for Season 2 on the set of the series. Mark Gibbon will be playing the formidable general.

"IZOMBIE'S" RAHUL KOHLI GUEST STARS - Lena's (guest star Katie McGarth) ex-boyfriend, Jack Spheer (guest star Rahul Kohli), comes to National City to unveil his big breakthrough in nano-technology, which has the potential to eradicate all diseases. It was revealed a few weeks ago that the character of Superman will be back for the Season 2 finale.

This episode is schedule to air on The CW on Monday, May 22.

In the comics, General Zod is a former Kryptonian military general.

  • Zachary Reyes