LaVar Ball Says Big Baller Brand Will Be Nike's Competition

Responding to Raveling, Ball issued a preposterous challenge.

He added, "Big Baller Brand about to be your competition". His oldest son, Lonzo Ball, just completed a standout freshman season at UCLA and is expected to be a top-three pick in the upcoming National Basketball Association draft.

By default, Big Baller Brand entering the marketplace makes them competition for Nike. But you know how this bothers me?

In an Instagram post, Ball said to a camera, "So I'm the worst thing that happened in a hundred years?"

Somehow, the feud between Nike and LaVar Ball is still a thing, and it's Ball's turn to fire back in war of words. That's 'cause everybody been in the darkness for a hundred years.

LaVar Ball apparently made sure his response to George Raveling was just as over-the-top as the Nike executive's comments.

No matter the decision, we still have years of seeing the Ball family and that includes Lavar. Ball, the father of soon-to-be NBA lottery draft pick Lonzo Ball, has been trying to work his way to the forefront of national media attention by saying things.

Knight, the co-founder of Nike, told USA TODAY Sports that his company does have interested in Lonzo, but that was weeks ago on April 2. "How you gonna go to a guy's wedding and then stab him in the back?"

  • Arturo Norris