British PM May says June election result 'not certain'

Labour warned the Conservatives" claims on energy bills should be treated with "a pinch of salt' as they had repeatedly broken promises to deal with the issue in the past. He has been a rebel without a cause in the Labour Party.

But analysts say that Chester, an increasingly affluent pocket of Labour's north-west heartland, is deeply vulnerable.

On Wednesday, the UK House of Commons backed Prime Minister Theresa May's bid for an early general election on June 8. The Lib Dems now have just nine seats in Parliament.

He said May would have the "political capital" to take her own decisions if she increases her centre-right party's current slim majority.

While Brexit advocates such as Conservative lawmaker John Redwood argue that German carmakers and other industries will push for a favorable Brexit deal to maintain exports to the U.K., Merkel's economy minister, Brigitte Zypries, said in an interview this month that Germany can weather Brexit. She held a meeting with European Parliament President Antonio Tajani.

Controversial business figures like Mike Ashley of Sports Direct, Sir Philip Green, Southern Rail and tax-avoiding multinationals should be "worried" about the prospect of a Labour government, said Mr Corbyn. So he, like Mr Day, must be confident he will retain his seat after June 8.

The opposition Labour Party and Liberal Democrats welcomed the chance to put their policies to voters, though the Scottish National Party called the election a cynical political ploy.

Theresa May's Conservatives now hold 330 of the House of Commons seats while Labour has 229.

Analysis by The Telegraph shows the Brexit issue, combined with strong polling for the Conservatives against a weakened Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn, could hand the Conservatives 58 seats now held by Labour, mostly in the north of England and the Midlands. The clock is already running on the two-year negotiation period.

Tajani, an Italian who has recently replaced Martin Schulz as president of the EU Parliament, however, said that it appeared in the meeting that May would guarantee the rights of EU citizens in the United Kingdom as she wanted the same treatment for Brits overseas.

Asked if he had concerns about Mr Corbyn's record on security and defence, Sir Patrick said: 'The man is not suitable to become prime minister of this country.

Now, under the 2011 Fixed Term Parliaments Act, a general election is supposed to take place every five years on the first Thursday in May - since the most recent general election was in 2015, the next one was scheduled for May 2020.

As Europe's biggest economy and dominant country, Germany's stance will be key to whatever future deal is agreed between the European Union and the U.K. Merkel was one of five leaders May called on Tuesday to explain her decision to seek early elections.

"We welcome the general election", Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said amid laughter.

It covers in more detail the same ground outlined last month by European Union president Donald Tusk in response to Prime Minister Theresa May's official March 29 notification that Britain was leaving the bloc.

  • Leroy Wright