The senior Sanders backs party youth to remake Democrats

Bernie Sanders is now on a "Democratic unity tour" which included a stop over in Omaha to support mayoral candidate Heath Mello, who is both a Democrat and has a history of supporting legislation against abortion rights.

The Vermont senator's tour mission is addressing voters still feeling disenfranchised by the DNC as he helps lay the groundwork for the Democratic Party's 50-state strategy. It's part of an eight-state circuit of rallies with Democratic National Committee leaders.

Considering how women's rights-and women's votes-have the potential to be an enormous element in the midterm elections in 2018, it's safe to say Sanders and Perez are under pressure to get their messaging on track.

Nathalie Ramos, a student from Florida International University studying international relations, was one of the millennials there who supported Sanders during his race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Senator Bernie Sanders spoke to hundreds of people in Louisville Tuesday at the Louisville Palace Theatre as part of a cross-country tour.

"I want to make this as a clear as I can: This is not about Bernie Sanders", the former candidate said.

- During the first event in ME, the Democratic party was essentially jeered. "We have to articulate our values and put those values into action every day".

"Donald Trump ran for president and he said, 'Well, Kentucky; well, America, I'm a different type of Republican, I'm going to stand with the working class of this country, '" Sanders reminded the crowd.

Sanders and Perez discussed hot button issues like healthcare and President Trump's budget. In the same interview, he blamed Republican gains at the state and federal level on "the failure of the Democratic Party to have a progressive agenda, to bring people into this party, to mobilize people".

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Shouts like "Bernie should have won" were heard sporadically from the crowds, filled with mostly Democrats and millennials, who showed strong support for Sanders during last year's primary elections. But as Claire Cummings, leader of the Maine Young Democrats found out, that's not going to be as easy as it sounds.

"‶The mission of the new DNC is not simply to elect the president of the United States", Perez said. "Now that, you know, things have happened as they have, I wanted to contribute towards making sure the tweeting, the childishness, it doesn't continue", Hall said.

TOM PEREZ: And when we sit side by side and talk about what our fears and hopes are, what I've been learning is that we have incredible alignment in what our goals are.

DETROW: Sanders is convinced the key to success is to push the party to the left. Sanders has made headlines himself for criticizing the Democrats and saying the party needs to make changes.

Some attendees said it's time to unite and reform the Democratic Party, while others said they're skeptical of the political establishment and big money in politics.

"Health care is a human right, not a privilege", Sanders shouted, his voice cracking.

"Donald Trump did not win the election - the Democrats lost the election!" he said (again) during an event in Miami on Wednesday night. "People might see their mistakes in not supporting him last time", the community college student said. But Bernie Sanders hasn't exactly been showering the Democratic Party with love this week.

  • Larry Hoffman