Pence says US will honor refugee deal

"It's about re-establishing relations".

The affection Australia and the USA usually share for each other is rooted in decades of cooperation on defense, intelligence and trade. USA military officials have expressed concern that as ISIS is defeated in its stronghold of Iraq and Syria, it could crop us as a serious security threat in majority- Muslim nations in Southeast Asia.

Other countries involved in the TPP were Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam.

The fallout over the deal has strained the typically cozy alliance between the US and Australia.

Under the deal, agreed with former President Barack Obama late a year ago, the United States would resettle up to 1,250 asylum seekers held in offshore processing camps on South Pacific islands in Papua New Guinea and Nauru.

The alliance was rocked by a January phone call between Mr Trump and Mr Turnbull, when the pair clashed over an asylum seeker deal signed with the Obama administration.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer's subsequent mispronunciation in press briefings of Turnbull's name as "Trumbull" did not help matters.

Lin Neumann, managing director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, said most of the agreements were with energy companies, which have been making "a big push".

Pence said the decision to abide by the deal despite Trump's "reservations" was a "reflection of the enormous importance of the historical alliance between the United States and Australia".

Fullilove says Pence's role is to be an "instrument of reassurance" for allies like Australia and Japan in terms of Trump's intentions for U.S. trade relations as well as the dilemmas posed by North Korea and the war in Syria. Though Turnbull has repeatedly rejected calls for Australia to choose between the superpowers, some critics of Trump have urged Australia to align itself more closely with Beijing.

"We told them that there were more steps that needed to be taken", the adviser said, noting it was the only business issue that Pence raised in his Thursday meeting with Widodo.

Pence was using the visit to make a number of cultural stops, joining with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop at the Australian Museum, observing exhibits on crocodiles and snakes and listening as one of the museum's managers offered a traditional Highlands welcome of Papua New Guinea.

How does the government's United States refugee deal work? He paved the way for a bigger US military presence in the Philippines, where American bases were shuttered 25 years ago.

Mr Caruso also stated that Vice-President Pence's goal is "to reassure Australia of the closeness of the relationship, the value that the United States puts on this relationship, and that this is something the new administration intends to work on going forward".

Still, the future of economic ties is probably the region's top concern.

  • Zachary Reyes