Love or hate 'em, Apple's Live Photos are coming to the web

Apple on Friday launched its Java-script based Live Photos API for developers. Developers will also gain access to details on how to build app extensions and entire apps using the new Live Photos API.

If you own an iPhone, you might be familiar with a feature called Live Photos, which allows you to essentially capture a series of pictures, complete with sound, and create a kind of moving image. This means that the iPhone's Live Photos can now be used in iOS apps, Mac apps and on websites.

Apple has finally made a decision to solve one of the problems associated with the Live Photos, the web compatibility. Developers will also be able determine how long a Live Photo plays and whether users should only see the media play if they click the "Live" button on the top right corner of the photo. The new LivePhotosKit JS player is supported by most modern browsers, including Safari and Chrome on iOS and macOS, Chrome and Firefox on macOS and Windows, Edge and Internet Explorer 11 on Windows, and Chrome beta on Android devices.

An example of a Live Photo...without the live part. While it's unclear which apps will adapt the feature and when, the release of the API makes it easier for more apps to support the feature.

Previously, you could only shared Live Photos on iOS and macOS, so this new API can expose your Live Photos to many more people.

  • Arturo Norris