Juventus deserved it, admits Barcelona star Pique

Bayern's Arturo Vidal was harshly sent off while referee Viktor Kassai seemed to bottle a decision to give Real midfielder Casemiro a second yellow card.

The unfortunate thing is that, until that day, Sunday's El Clasico massive matches will continue to be decided by refereeing debacles and the corresponding claims of conspiracy.

After Barca's defeat to Athletic Bilbao in January, Pique blasted officials for being biased towards Los Blancos.

Earlier this week Pique posted a cryptic tweet which appeared to be in reference to a controversial goal scored by Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid's Champions League victory over Bayern Munich.

Barcelona fans adore the way he speaks out against perceived injustices against his side, using social media for widespread impact.

Pique also praised the Barcelona fans for sticking by the team in defeat, saying: "This is a hard defeat, but the supporters singing like that tonight deserves to be recorded". Ronaldo was offside for the two of the goals that made up his hat-trick in the 4-2 win.

Despite the bickering, the pair share an underlying respect and call a truce when they play together for Spain.

"We are human, of course, something is going to affect us", he said following the loss to Juventus.

"It's the rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona, that will always exist".

Now we can't say for sure whether the left-back's account was hacked or not but Souare's followers certainly had their opinions. "We don't take it badly, it's all very sporting".

"They are Italians and know how to defend well, they are specialists in this".

Cristiano Ronaldo was the first to receive the ire of his home crowd after failing to impress at first, but he later silenced his doubters by scoring three goals to eliminate the German giants.

  • Julie Sanders