Fast & Furious Spin-off with The Rock & Statham is ON!

Red-hot "Fate of the Furious", the eighth movie in the Fast and Furious franchise, is no exception. There he is uneasily reunited with Deckard (Jason Statham), the antagonist in the seventh "Fast" film.

Going into the movie, I heard that most people thought the movie was terrible and people I knew were not expecting a lot based on the trailer, but my boyfriend and I decided those people were just simply wrong. Star Paul Walker died unexpectedly in a vehicle crash, and although he had already filmed most of his scenes, the film needed to be handled with the utmost care and sensitivity. In the meantime, catch The Fate of the Furious now in theaters busting box office records left and right. Don't get too excited though, "Fast Nine" isn't set to premier until sometime in 2019 and "Fast 10" isn't set to premiere until 2021. United Kingdom site wondered what the modern counterparts of the cars from the original film would look like painted in the same liveries, so they created the renderings you see here. Because Mitsubishi's lineup is vastly different today than it was 16 years ago, the Mitsubishi Eclipse O'Connor drives at the beginning of the movie morphs into the recently announced Eclipse Cross. Charlize Theron's character is also rumoured to be taking part.

It's unclear if the spinoff has anything to do with the tensions between The Rock and Vin Diesel during "Fate of the Furious" filming. Overall, Cipher provides a threat to the crew and has just as many surprises as they do, and uses them to her advantage.

The Fast and the Furious franchise has skyrocketed to worldwide fame ever since the series made a decision to ditch the street racing genre.

However, the film's U.S. takings were down sharply on the previous movie.

Fast & Furious Spin-off with The Rock & Statham is ON!

Maybe there's more to this alleged The Rock and Vin Diesel feud than I thought.

Anyway, Universal would be leaving money on the table by not doing this spin-off featuring the two most popular characters of the series at this point.

Jason Statham also understands the love for Han and he teases that perhaps we don't know the whole story quite yet. If things don't add up or characters killed off in previous films suddenly re-emerge, just go with it, knowing that it's leading up to an epic final chase across a remote Russian ice field between sports cars, Humvees and a nuclear submarine.

Fans are now asking if the villain will still be present on the next sequels of the "The Fate of the Furious". How do you think they'd explain his "death"?

  • Salvatore Jensen