Fans remember Prince on opening day of Celebration 2017 at Paisley Park

The iconic musician was found dead a year ago today in an elevator at his private estate, Paisley Park.

Chasity Spearman of Minneapolis takes a picture of her aunt, Ethel Smith, of Toledo, Ohio, outside First Avenue nightclub, April 21, 2017, in Minneapolis.

The duo drove six hours from Kansas City, Missouri, listening to Prince the whole way. He came over to my house one day and I played drums. This is where it began. They'd look at me and be like, "You don't want to be here".

It was the passion that would prove vital in this period of Prince's creative life. "The fact that I got to go and hang out with him a couple months before his passing - that is one of the most standout memories for me". "And he did it his way, his music, his style", she added.

Both longtime Prince fans, the Young Fables' Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford have always been working on their own version of "Purple Rain", due mostly to Lunsford's obsession with one of the music world's finest guitarists.

Immediately following the seventh inning stretch, fans in possession of the Purple Rain umbrella will remain standing and open the umbrella for a special moment in remembrance of Prince.

U.S. District Judge Wilhelmina Wright granted a temporary restraining order to stop the music's release late Wednesday.

Others tweeted vibrant murals of Prince in the Camden neighborhood of London, and in the singer's native Minnesota. "It is up to us to continue his legacy", she said. The pop star died without a will or children, and dozens of people came forward after his death, claiming they were heirs. At the time of his death, Jay Z's Tidal was the only streaming service that carried his catalog - Prince even released his final two albums exclusively through Tidal. As we've spent the a year ago remembering and reflecting on the "Purple Rain" creator's legacy, it's crystal clear that his memory will live on forever. His classic album, Purple Rain, which was also the soundtrack for the film of the same name, grossed $70.0 million. Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Induction Medley 6.

"He was just one of us and that makes him human", said Joyce Elings who is from Holland, along with her friend Femke Miehof. She says it's hard knowing that Prince is no longer here, but that "his spirit, his energy is still with us".

  • Salvatore Jensen