Delta will now pay passengers up to $9950 to give up seats

Other airlines probably aren't insane about this, either, as it going to focus attention on passenger service and treatment industry wide.

Attorneys for Dao filed court papers Wednesday asking the airline and the city of Chicago to preserve evidence in the case.

CHICAGO - United Airlines is changing a company policy and will no longer allow crew members to displace customers already onboard an airplane.

The Airline Passenger Protection Act, sponsored by Republican state Representative Peter Breen, came after Dr. David Dao, 69, was pulled from a United flight at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport to make space for four crew members.

United, facing fierce criticism after videos of the incident went viral, said it is reviewing its policies around oversold flights.

"To reduce the possibility of a flight departing with empty seats, airlines generally overbook flights to a limited extent".

This comes as the chief executive officer of United Airlines, Oscar Munoz, publicly apologized to Dao, Dao's family and customers of the carrier in an interview on ABC News.

On Sunday night, United offered passengers $400 each, then $800 each, to voluntarily leave the flight, but no one was interested.

How many times in the a year ago has United Airlines removed a passenger that has already boarded a plane due to overbooking or other reasons outside the customer's control?

United Airlines has weathered a PR nightmare recently.


The CEO promised to never again let a law enforcement remove "a booked, paid, seated passenger", from a plane.

In a dispute such as the one that occurred on Flight 3411, what recourse or appeal process do passengers have to dispute an action taken against them by United Airlines during their travel?

Last year, more than 475,000 passengers were bumped from flights, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. However, instead of prohibiting overbooking, Trump proposed that the ceiling on what incentives airlines can give passengers in return for their seats when flights are overbooked should be done away with.

  • Zachary Reyes