Amazon's Echo can manage your Google calendar for work

By using Amazon and Google's home automation technologies, the company believes they can offer a broader range of services that are available 24/7. You ca enable the Google Calendar right there. Multi-user support has made Google Home ideal for Home use as up to six family members can activate it with their voices. This means only one account per user can be used at present.

Google quickly blocked Burger King's commercial from toying with the Home assistant, but the marketing stunt illustrated how the technology can be manipulated.

Meanwhile, back in January 2016, Ford announced a partnership with Amazon that not only allows drivers to talk to their cars through Amazon Echo, but also enables them to control connected devices in their homes while on the road. But starting today, Google Home will allow for multiple Google accounts.

So, the problem of voice identification has been solved, but we don't know for certain whether the account security matter has been cleared up as well.

Now that Google Home has multi-user support, we wonder if Amazon Echo would also get it anytime soon. At least, that's how it's created to work, in theory, but since the feature has just been enabled, we won't know for a while how accurate it is.

"Customers with Google devices can simply say, "Ok, Google, tell Mercedes me to start my auto, ' and it will remotely start the customer's vehicle". It looks like Google has beaten them to the punch on this feature, most likely because it has been working with voice interaction for far longer than Amazon has.

You can check out the system in action in the demo below - just don't get in the habit of leaving your iron and stove burning in your house, smart assistant or not. You can not link both work and personal accounts with the device, you have to choose one.

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  • Carolyn Briggs