Aaron Hernandez Committed Murder to Cover Up His Secret Bisexuality

According to the Boston Globe, Hernandez's family members have not been told what was written in the suicide notes, two of which investigators have said were addressed to his fiancee and four-year-old daughter, respectively.

Authorities said investigators found three handwritten notes next to a Bible in Hernandez's cell.

“The preservation of evidence regarding the circumstances of Aaron Hernandezs death is crucial to a full, complete and transparent investigation, ” family lawyer George Leontire said.

A judge will hear Hernandez's attorneys' request for access to the evidence at a hearing scheduled for Friday afternoon at a Bristol County Superior Court.

They also report the man allegedly said to be Aaron's lover, who was not identified, has been on "eyeball to eyeball" suicide watch since Aaron's death. He was serving life in prison without the possibility of parole for the 2013 killing of Lloyd.

[Hernandez] was convicted in April 2015 for shooting and killing his friend, Odin Lloyd, seemingly without motive.

Ward said she'd "lost the strong boy in her family" and the pain has not gone away.

Hernandez's died early Wednesday morning after he hanged himself by a bedsheet in his prison cell, the Massachusetts Department of Correction said.

According to his death certificate, Hernandez is set to be cremated at the Brookside Crematory in Berlin next week.

"We urge the New England Patriots to work with the players' association to voluntarily make these payments, of little effect to the team, of tremendous assistance to these struggling, deserving families who are hurting, like Ursula's".

"I pray to God his soul is at peace, " she said. "Now that the cause and form of death has been determined, the brain will be released to the Boston University Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center as Mr. Hernandez's family wishes".

Civil suits often rely on a criminal conviction as its basis of facts, so without it, Lloyd's suit asking for damages could be trickier.

Attorney Doug Sheff tells reporters he's issued "a friendly challenge" to the Patriots.

Should Hernandez's death qualify under that abatement law, it appears the Lloyd family will do everything in its power to not see that $6 million go to Hernandez's estate.

  • Julie Sanders