White House plans Obamacare showdown next week

"They also note that there is not even legislative text yet to mark a deal, which makes the prospect of holding a vote next week even more unlikely". According to the Washington Post, it's unclear there's any compromise that could please both moderates and conservatives enough to secure the necessary 216 votes in the House.

Naturally, Trump took the opportunity to congratulate the Patriots on their historic comeback win mention the fact that he won the election, as you may have heard, and reflect on some nice things Patriots coach Bill Belichick once said about him. "I'd like to say next week, but I believe we will get it and whether it's next week or shortly thereafter", Trump said during a Thursday joint press conference with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni. The changes to the bill now being discussed - a weakening of insurer regulations that will have the most impact on people with pre-existing conditions - may make the AHCA worse in the eyes of many more moderate Republicans. Conservatives argue funding for high-risk pools could fill the gap, but opponents say high-risk pools were underfunded and did not work before ObamaCare.

The GOP health-care bill as it stands would instead allow states to spell out essential health benefits.

The original bill ran aground last month after Freedom Caucus members pushed at the last minute to scale back or eliminate these protections, which they argue is the only way to lower premiums. With Democrats solidly opposed, Republicans can lose no more than 21 House votes to prevail, and Ryan short-circuited a planned vote last month because more than that would have defected. Centrists were fleeing that bill as it moved toward a vote. "Given that, there is not a scheduled vote yet", a GOP aide told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Speaking of the White House, the source added: "I think they have that in mind". They cited the higher priority of passing a spending bill within days to avert a government shutdown, uncertainty over details of the developing health agreement and a need to sell it to lawmakers. "Not necessarily. I unfortunately am in the camp that it's going to get worse before it gets better for 2018", Gurda said. "So, yeah, I think we'll get both". The concessions also might not be enough for some conservatives, who have expressed issue with Republicans establishing an advance refundable tax credit to help pay for insurance.

Talks among White House officials and GOP lawmakers have continued during the break, but there have been no tangible signs that they've found a way to reverse what has been a damaging defeat for President Donald Trump and congressional leaders.

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Ryan said Wednesday in London that Republicans are putting the "finishing touches" on the new health care proposal.

"That pressure to try may be more important than the consequences of falling short again", he said.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said this week that tax reform may not get done before an August deadline. "If we do nothing, in the year 2020, because of planned reduction in Medicaid reimbursements, the state of IL is going to have to come up with potentially hundreds of millions of dollars".

Trump says he was wiretapped, so he sets off a frenzy as Republicans seek to substantiate that claim, even though they will never be able to. "We'll see what happens".

  • Zachary Reyes