Tillerson calls Iran deal a failure

He said the deal, brokered by former President Barack Obama's administration along with other world powers, represented the "same failed approach" the US has taken to North Korea.

The disagreement between Obama and Netanyahu over the deal had strained US-Israel ties and Obama-Netanyahu relationship. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said during a visit Wednesday to Saudi Arabia, "everywhere you look if there's trouble in the region, you find Iran".

Iran has yet to comment on the Trump administration's review, but Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei warned in November that Tehran would retaliate if the United States breached the nuclear agreement.

When Spicer was questioned whether Trump was concerned Iran was cheating on the deal, he said "That's why he's asking for this review".

"Iran remains a leading state sponsor of terror, through many platforms and methods", Tillerson wrote.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson raised the concerns in a letter sent to Speaker of the House of Representatives Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) Tuesday, alerting Congress to an effort led by President Donald Trump to evaluate whether the continued lifting of sanctions on Iran would be in America's national security interests.

As President Trump wages a rhetorical battle with North Korea over its nuclear program, his secretary of state says the nuclear deal with Iran will now be placed under review.

"A comprehensive Iran policy requires we address all of the threats posed by Iran, and it is clear there are many", he said.

Tillerson also appeared to sketch out the terms of such diplomatic engagement, suggesting that the US would not offer aid for concessions from North Korea as has been done in the past.

The top American diplomat sought to reinforce the notion that the U.S.is aggressively countering Iran's destabilizing behavior throughout the Middle East, even though President Donald Trump so far has not pulled out of the deal.

In the latest sign of U.S.

Still, since taking office, Trump has stopped promising he'll gut the deal.

The Trump administration has been paying close attention to Iran's ongoing military buildup, including its continued work on ballistic missiles and other offensive weapons aimed at interfering with USA operations in the Persian Gulf region.

"It is their habit to unsettle people and nations", Tillerson said.

"The Trump administration has no intention of passing the buck to a future administration on Iran", he said at a hurriedly-convened press briefing.

Iran has defended its nuclear programme as purely civilian and its supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei warned in November that Tehran would retaliate if the United States breached the nuclear agreement.

  • Leroy Wright