Tillerson blames Syrian gas attack on Russian inaction

"I think the president has authorization to use force", he said.

A USA defence official also clarified that the strikes conducted by the nation were not meant to damage runways or fully disable the Syria base.

On Friday, the USA launched cruise missiles at the Shayrat airfield from which President Donald Trump claimed a chemical weapons attack had been launched.

"By sending Tomahawk missiles to attack the airfield, aeroplanes, and equipment believed to be involved, it has sent a strong signal to the Syrian regime to think twice before using gas in future".

Russian Federation claimed that Assad was not responsible for the attack, and that a strike on a Syrian rebel chemical weapons facility was the cause of the deaths.

"Getting Assad out is not the only priority", she continued. "We saw the evidence".

"But the signal that they're able to fly nearly right away out of the same facility indicates that I don't think we did as thorough enough job, which would have been cratering the runways", McCain said".

Haley reiterated her statements about further actions in Syria in her interview to the CNN. "America knows very well our ability and capabilities to respond well to them, [and] we will respond without taking into consideration any reaction and consequences". "If he needs to do more, he will".

Trump administration officials on Sunday blamed Russian inaction for enabling a deadly poison gas attack against Syrian civilians last week as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson prepared to explain to Moscow a US retaliatory missile strike.

The Russian government has denied that Syria carried out a chemical attack, saying that civilians on the ground were poisoned after Syrian planes struck a depot producing chemical weapons for rebels.

Haley echoed his comments in somewhat harsher tones on "State of the Union".

Even as the United States condemned Assad for gassing his own citizens and held Russian Federation partly responsible, given its 2013 promise to rid Syria of chemical weapons, the Kremlin kept denying that Syria had any such capability. "And somebody will say, 'Well, then they can fill in the runways.' Yeah, and we can crater them again too". "And saying we are only going after chemical weapons areas ignores the enormity of the problem".

Trump's national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, said Sunday that he saw the situation as a "great opportunity" for Russian Federation.

"It's very hard to understand how a political solution could result from the continuation from the Assad regime", McMaster said on "Fox News Sunday". "Why they're supporting a regime that commits mass murder against its own people".

Russian Federation had also reportedly moved a frigate believed to be armed with cruise missiles into the eastern Mediterranean sea.

The statement did not include critical details like what kind of military operation would cross such a red line, or what kind of response would be made on the part of Syria and its allies, but noted that they would work to "liberate" Syria from occupation. Doing so is in the interest of the entire world, not just the United States.

  • Leroy Wright