Tesla to issue biggest global recall notice over parking brake issue

Tesla had said a year ago it would recall 2,700 Model X sport utility vehicles in the United States due to a faulty locking hinge in third-row seats.

Tesla issued a voluntary recall for approximately 53,000 examples of the Model S hatchback and the Model Xcrossover.

The company noted no accidents or injuries had occurred because of the issue, and it said it will send an official notice to customers.

Tesla said less than 5 per cent of the vehicles being recalled may be affected and it would take less than 45 minutes to replace the brakes.

The company started tracing the problem to its roots and discovered that the source of the issue were actually brakes sourced from supplier Brembo. What happens is the parking brake can stick, and the vehicle won't move. The fix process will take an estimated 45 minutes. Tesla says the fault is related to a "small gear" which "could have been manufactured improperly" by a third-party supplier. But Tesla adds that, is "in order to be cautious" it is acting proactive I replacing the parts to head off any potential issues.

Unfortunately for Tesla and owners of Model S and X vehicles built from February 2016 through October 2016, a manufacturing issue means that the parking brake may not function properly.

Tesla shares fell 1.1 percent to $302.24 in midday trade, giving it a market capitalization of about $50.1 billion, around $1.2 billion below that of GM's. We have also determined that only a very small percentage of gears in vehicles built during this period were manufactured improperly.

  • Zachary Reyes