Sanders Doesn't Know if Jon Ossoff Is a Progressive

The poster at commented on the discussion: "I love how confident Handel is during the interview and how she quickly points out to the CNN host that the Republicans combined got 52 percent of the vote, so if there had only been one Republican, Ossoff would have "lost his Oss".

Karen Handel arrived to a hero's welcome at her election party in Roswell.

Sprigle's take Wednesday was simple: "Let's get to work".

Democrats hoped to flip the seat in the Republican district that Trump won by less than 2 percentage points in November and gain some momentum for the midterm elections in 2018. But the hard work isn't over yet.

The Georgia congressional seat is attracting so much attention also because it has been the Republicans' since the late 1970s - and a candidate as strong as Ossoff is definitely a threat to them.

Republican challenger Karen Handel is expected to have an advantage in the runoff election scheduled for June 20 due to the fact that more voters supported Republicans than Ossoff at the polls Tuesday.

But she'll run up against Handel backers like 82-year-old Bev Wingate. National Republican groups spent millions of dollars painting Ossoff as a neophyte who does not live in the area he aims to represent.

"There is no amount of dark money that will overcome grassroots energy, so bring it on".

"‶This is already a remarkable victory", Ossoff said, according to the New York Times. "‶We defied the odds, shattered expectations, and now are ready to fight on and win in June". They said it couldn't be done.

The Kansas and Georgia races also serve notice that GOP candidates may struggle to handle Trump, who alienates many independents and even some Republicans. And Trump let the world know he played a role - via a robocall and tweets - writing this: "Glad to be of help!"

Reporters asked Handel about the impact of President Trump's involvement.

DuBose Porter, chairman of the Georgia Democratic Party, said the district offers the flawless setting for Democrats to prove their momentum heading into 2018. "So of course he has a vested interest in making sure that a Republican holds the seat". Or will Democrats regard it as a disappointment given the ideal storm of factors that seemed to be lining up in Ossoff's favor for Tuesday's vote?

"We're the underdog in this", said Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said on MSNBC on Monday.

"Jon Ossoff is in a strong position to become the first Democrat to represent the Georgia 6in almost 40 years".

The hotly contested race carried major implications as a gauge of President Donald Trump's popularity - and Trump himself seemed to grasp the high stakes, playing a direct role in its closing days with robocalls and by attacking Ossoff repeatedly on Twitter. "That is Jon Ossoff". With the GOP having a single candidate to rally behind, this race now becomes exponentially easier for Republicans to win.

Congratulations to Jon Ossoff's campaign for all of their hard work in tonight's landslide in the race for Georgia's 6 Congressional District.

  • Salvatore Jensen