O'Reilly Out But His Influence Remains

As you surely know, after it was revealed that The O'Reilly Factor host and Fox News shelled out almost $13 million to keep Bill's sexual harassing ways quiet, the network made a decision to let the 67-year-old go.

O'Reilly was sacked Wednesday amid a string of sexual harassment allegations.

Bill O'Reilly's two-decade career at the Fox News Channel has come to a humiliating end.

So the Bill O'Reilly era at Fox News is over, amid a seemingly never-ending parade of sexual harassment allegations O'Reilly and Fox chose to spend millions to settle rather than have the truth come out in court.

But it was O'Reilly who created the template for how to succeed in cable TV punditry, delighting his viewers with unapologetic attacks on liberal politicians and media members that he delivered with gusto.

Crockett added that he doesn't think Fox News will replace O'Reilly with any "losers". "I wish only the best for Fox News Channel", he concluded. O'Reilly was "a ratings machine", said Vijay Jayant, an analyst at Evercore ISI, in a note to clients. I've done my share of jokes about him...he has been a guest on his show and I take no pleasure in his downfall.

O'Reilly - who is now on a long-planned vacation in Italy and was seen shaking hands with the Pope in Vatican City this week - was officially outed by 21st Century Fox on Wednesday.

"I understand how hard this has been for many of you", Rupert Murdoch said in the memo. The stock fell 1 per cent to close at $29.81 on Wednesday.

O'Reilly lost his job on the same day he was photographed in Rome shaking the hand of Pope Francis. In a statement, he called it "tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims".

After former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes left the company amid a string of sexual harassment allegations, some of the top talent at the network had a big opportunity for change. Burgess, who is black, says O'Reilly leered at her and made grunting noises when he passed her desk and once referred to her as "hot chocolate".

O'Reilly had ruled the "no spin zone" on television with a quick smile and an even quicker temper.

Support from President Donald Trump, a friend of both Fox and O'Reilly, didn't work.

Don't expect O'Reilly to slip quietly away, said Annenberg's Hollihan. "The problem that Bill O'Reilly is going to have is that there aren't many conservative media outlets out there that carry as much heft". "He's a brand on his own, as you can tell from all the best-selling books he's got", he said.

CNN reported that O'Reilly's show was canceled amid a series of harassment allegations.

"It's not like they brought in Shep Smith or a news anchor", Carusone said.

An anonymous "synth wizard" compiled an instrumental cover of the band's "All Star" using clips of O'Reilly saying "Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly!" "I spent over nine years playing a character based largely on him".

"Hello, Nation, and shame on you". He hasn't been accused of any harassment, but many inside and outside of Fox have wondered how much he and other executives still in place knew about Ailes' and O'Reilly's behavior.

  • Zachary Reyes