Uber launches its business offering Uber Central for enterprises

Uber is expanding its solution for businesses with the launch of a service called Uber Central that enables companies to act as dispatch operators for their customers.

Uber for Business is used by 65,000 organisations worldwide, including Goldman Sachs and Dell.

With this launch, Uber for Business is expanding beyond business travel in India and takes it one step ahead of its rival Ola.

Uber Central lets businesses request, manage, and pay for rides for other people, allowing organisations to manage multiple rides at the same time, from the same dashboard - and is now live in New Zealand.

Uber will be keeping an eye on businesses' use of Central to make sure that they're not causing problems for the network of drivers who work for the ride-hailing company, and adjust the program as needed.

Uber provides a few examples that could seemingly further compete with private black auto services as well as airport shuttles, such as hotel concierges requesting rides for guests on their behalf to the airport or other destinations.

The service was released after a successful pilot period where over 8000 companies participated. "Globally, between the 70 countries and 500 cities we operate in, having the consistency of being able to pull the route, show up in the city and get the same experience, was really valuable and impactful". While also providing the luxury of simplified reporting and management as the platform gives organizations access to the digital billing, reporting, and management tools they need to efficiently manage their transportation operations.

"We are incredibly excited to bring Uber Central, our world-class customer transportation solution to India and are already seeing a lot of interest in it among our existing U4B customers", Nohwar added.

Business customers had been clamoring for a way to do this, and were actually using work-arounds like buying several phones and setting up multiple Uber accounts, specifically so they could order several cars at a time, Travis Bogard, Global GM at Uber for Business told TechCrunch. "By Using Uber Central, organizations can now provide on-demand rides to anyone from a central dashboard, even if the traveler doesn't have a smartphone". For one, Central can provide reliable transportation to people who would otherwise be immobile. Many businesses were using complex workarounds to order more than one vehicle simultaneously, Uber representatives said.

For more information on Uber Central, go here.

  • Zachary Reyes