Texas bathroom bill: Democrat asks sports leaders to speak against 'intolerant' bill

The legislation passed the Senate 47-0 earlier this month and the House 84-0 Monday.

However, neither the House or Senate committee has any intention of allowing marijuana to be smoked, despite repeated demands from numerous patients, caregivers, and others who insist that smoking provides some with the best type of treatment.

"HB 100 is not about a particular company or any particular city", Paddie said Wednesday on the House floor.

During his introduction of the bill, Huberty noted the state has been sued seven times since 1968 over the school finance system. She pointed to the marketing campaign around SB 6, which asks parents if they want their daughters sharing bathrooms and showers with grown men. Regina Birdsell, R-Hampstead, SB 3 has ended up as the "omnibus election bill" created to accommodate a variety of election reform measures that have been percolating through both chambers since the first day of the session.

No school finance fix is required this session, though, since Texas' Supreme Court ruled last summer that the system was flawed and in need of a top-to-bottom overhaul, but nonetheless barely constitutional. "It gives law enforcement another arrow in their quiver".

Kruse said that's a "slippery slope".

But the bill - amended by a Senate committee to increase the tax by 12 cents - again faces a filibuster in the Senate, with just 11 days remaining on the legislative calendar. It drew support from rural Republicans and Democrats, even though it would require the Legislature to pump tens of millions of additional dollars into schools beginning in the years after this session's budget is approved. There are 16 CCOs across the state, some are nonprofit and some, like the Umpqua Health Alliance, are for-profit.

The Senate also voted Tuesday to approve SB 1408 to let firefighters and EMS personnel carry their handguns while on duty if they're licensed and take a training course. HB 2122 also mandates that CCO board meetings follow Oregon's public meetings laws.

House Speaker Jay Lucas and a large bipartisan group of House lawmakers held a press conference Tuesday criticizing the Senate's inaction on the infrastructure funding bill and also McMaster's threat to veto the legislation. He said it's irrelevant whether a CCO is for-profit or nonprofit. "I think we'll see some policy changes made at the third stop", he said.

Meanwhile, three bills Kruse put forward in an effort to improve transparency have died for lack of a hearing. Instead, he says he'll fight to reform the agency.

Some legislators agreed with them. He tried to derail the entire bill using a House legislative maneuver, but was unsuccessful. Kruse said emergency clauses are overused and because they rush the process they deny members of the public opportunities for comment.

"They are going to building the greenhouses, they are going to do the lighting, they are going to track the plant, they are going to transport, there are so many different services there and there are so many small businesses who want to be a part of it", said McCarthy. "That's where we are", he said.

  • Joanne Flowers