Scotland's Sturgeon says attempt to block independence vote will "crumble to dust"

It was the consistent campaigning of SNP MPs which saw the Scotland Bill, which is seeing new powers devolved to the Scottish Parliament strengthened - though they are still not strong enough.

"Only the SNP will stand between Scotland and an increasingly hard line and right wing Tory government". From my work with constituents whose lives and health are being wrecked by Tory austerity I know first-hand how important it is that we protect vulnerable people in our society from an increasingly hard-line Tory Government.

She asked him what "personal action" he had taken to convince the prime minister to consider the views of the people of Scotland and for an "explanation for why he failed".

The parliament voted in favour of a Labour motion to ban fracking last June after SNP members abstained from voting.

Already, opinion polls have indicated that the Conservative Party (Tories) will either maintain their majority within the Parliament or grow that number.

Scotland voted by an overwhelming 62 per cent to remain the European Union - compared to an overall national vote of 52 per cent for Brexit - but it can not hold another referendum without the government's permission.

NICOLA STURGEON HAS described the prospect of a large Conservative win in the United Kingdom election as "horrifying".

"There is going to be something that is bigger than any poll conducted, there's going to be a local government election vote, and I think you'll see our vote go up", she said.

However Labour's only Scottish MP, Ian Murray, said it was time to concentrate on the economy rather than focusing on a future Scottish independence referendum.

Along with my SNP colleagues at Westminster and in the Scottish Government, I will continue to stand up for the kind of country we want Scotland to be.

Sturgeon says this means Scotland should have another chance to vote on secession.

"It will once again give people the opportunity to reject the Tories' narrow, divisive agenda, as well as reinforcing the democratic mandate which already exists for giving the people of Scotland a choice on their future".

"If you look at the electoral mathematics, the Scottish National Party being strong in Scotland means it simply isn't possible for Jeremy Corbyn to win - that will lead to a coalition of chaos".

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie called on Ms Sturgeon to clarify the SNP's position on Europe, arguing the party's depute leader Angus Robertson had "struggled" to explain it on BBC Radio Scotland. "They are focusing on their obsession - independence".

The party's local government spokesman Graham Simpson added: "Scotland is fast becoming one of the most centralised countries in the western world".

Expectations of a Conservative revival in Scotland are high.

That the UK's financial health and the future of the City are again being used as the subject of a party political gamble by a Tory politician - one that campaigned in favour of staying in the European Union, no less - shows what little regard the country's government holds for either. "One suspects it will be pretty close to 50 per cent voting for unionist parties and 50 per cent voting for the SNP - which is where we know the country is at".

  • Leroy Wright