Once Critical of Global Deals, Trump Slow to Leave Any

Tillerson said the review would not only look at Iran's compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal but also its behaviour in the region which he said undermined us interests in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon.

"Worn-out United States accusations can't mask its admission of Iran's compliance with a 2015 nuclear deal", Zarif wrote on Twitter.

The historic deal between Iran and six major powers restricts Tehran's nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of worldwide oil and financial sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Wednesday accused Iran of "alarming ongoing provocations" to destabilise countries in the Middle East as the Trump administration launched a review of its policy towards Tehran that will include the 2015 nuclear deal.

"This deal represents the same failed approach of the past that brought us to the current imminent threat we face from North Korea".

In the first reaction to Tillerson's remarks from a senior Iranian official, Zarif tweeted that the United States should "fulfill its own commitments".

During his presidential campaign, Trump called the nuclear agreement "the worst deal ever negotiated", raising questions over whether he would rip it up once he took office.

He said the National Security Council-led interagency review of the agreement will evaluate whether it "is vital to the national security interests of the United States".

Last month Trump's Defense Secretary James Mattis said Iran continued to behave as an exporter of terrorism and still sponsors militant activity.

"The Trump administration has no intention of passing the buck to a future administration on Iran", Tillerson said. But neither Iran nor the other world powers that negotiated the agreement have any interest in re-opening the deal, and USA companies stand to lose billions if the deal is scuttled.

Tillerson's tough stance on the Iran deal came a day after the Trump administration notified the Congress that Iran is complying with the nuclear deal reached in 2015 to limit the Islamic Republic's nuclear ability.

"An unchecked Iran has the potential to travel the same path as North Korea and take the world along with it".

Israel was one of the most outspoken opponents of the Iran nuclear accord struck between Iran and six major world powers after marathon talks in Vienna in 2015.

"I think that the issue of the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program has surfaced in the general negative chorus of statements related to Russian Federation". He also described the country as a "leading state sponsor of terror". "And so we are going to review completely the JCPOA itself", Tillerson stressed. "The United States is keen to avoid a second piece of evidence that strategic patience is a failed approach", he said.

"I'm glad this deal has held up to this point, and I hope it continues to hold up", said Wendy Sherman, a former undersecretary of state who was deeply involved in negotiating terms of the deal during the Obama administration.

  • Salvatore Jensen