Nintendo is working on a Mini SNES

Within it's first month on sale, Nintendo reportedly sold over 200,000 NES Mini units in the USA alone.

According to a report from Eurogamer, the information came from their sources that are close to the company. In time for the holiday shopping season like the NES Classic Mini Edition.

Grieving the departure of the NES mini? well a mini version of the SNES is well on its way to fill that nostalgia-laden hole in your heart.

If Nintendo does intend to launch another super retro console, then hopefully, this time, they have enough stocks to meet consumer demand, so as to avoid the shortage that happened with the Nintendo NES Classic Mini console. This edition will follow the same plug and play setup with pre-installed games like NES Classic Mini. That said, allowing the SNES Mini library to expand via purchased downloads (a la the Virtual Console on other Nintendo consoles) seems like a no-brainer way to provide a continued revenue stream and longer-term interest in the hardware. And the device hosts a lot of games in the past so its really hard to guess which ones will be included. This includes "A Link to the Past" of "Legend of Zelda" and SNES Classic Edition's "Donkey Kong Country" to NES mini's "Donkey Kong". It looks like the NES has been shelved to make way for this new Mini. But there's no reason that the overpowered innards on the NES Mini couldn't also emulate games from the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, or even Game Boy and Game Boy Advance in a single box (à la a RetroPie-equipped Raspberry Pi box). SNES Classic Edition has so many great titles to choose from that makes the anticipation of its arrival much more exciting.

The Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition made a surprise return and gamers surprising still wanted a unit of their own. It was first available in Japan and South Korea but reached North America by 1991.

  • Arturo Norris