Katy Perry outrages Indian fans with 'culturally insensitive' Instagram post

The Firework singer shared a picture which showed Kali, the Hindu goddess of time, creation, and destruction, with her tongue out and stepping on the chest of her male counterpart Shiva on Wednesday (19Apr17) and wrote in the caption, "current mood". "You Indians please stop getting offended in every petty issues and do something productive (sic)", wrote Koyena Chakrawarti.

But Perry found herself in an uproar and was attacked by followers who accused her of being "disrespectful".

It was deemed offensive by some Indian users, who condemned the pop star for "using pics of our goddesses as memes".

After explaining that the goddess was in pain having disrespected Shiva, the user added, "So how should I put in words that you understand the real meaning behind this picture. You can have any kind of mood what you want but you must respect other religion also!"

Another was left fuming, and referred to Perry as a "b****". Your s***** mood matters nothing in front of God's.

Some of the comments read, "Listen up Kitty Katty.Let me ask you a Question".

As a result, the post has received over 12,000 comments varying in tone, a lot of them claiming the singer's image disrespects Indian culture.

"I'm not Buddhist, I'm not Hindu, I'm not Christian, but I still feel like I have a deep connection with God", she told Marie Claire in 2013.

Perry has yet to respond to comments about the post.

Although, to be fair, the 32-year-old DID marry Russell Brand in a lavish Hindu ceremony in India back in 2010 - so it's not like she doesn't know anything about Hinduism.

  • Carolyn Briggs