General election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn vows to 'change poll's course'

It is understood that supporters of socialist leader Jeremy Corbyn were looking forward to putting forward candidates of their own persuasion and ousting numerous party's established backbenchers.

At the same time, the leaders of the Green Party of England and Wales, Lucas and Jonathan Bartley, wrote a letter to Labour and the Liberal Democrats saying: "Britain is at a crossroads - and this election will dictate the very future of our country".

But Mr Corbyn insisted that he would not do a deal with Nicola Sturgeon's party to forge a so-called "progressive alliance", as the SNP was not a progressive party.

But in order to do so he will have to defy opinion polls which have put his party a clear distance behind the Tories, and secure more seats than Ed Miliband managed in 2015.

"It's clear Labour, the Lib Dems and the SNP are now lining up to disrupt our Brexit negotiations in a coalition of chaos".

Sitting next to the Prime Minister, David Mundell said it was a "leadership pitch", a thought some Labour MPs must have shared.

"We will not let the elite extract wealth from the pockets of ordinary working people any longer".

Punters are backing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to become the new Prime Minister, according to leading odds comparison website Oddschecker.

In a video message to voters in Barrow and Furness, John Woodcock said: "I am intending to seek renomination from my local Labour and Co-operative parties to be their official candidate, but I will not countenance ever voting to make Jeremy Corbyn Britain's Prime Minister".

"Instead of the country's wealth being hidden in tax havens, we will put it in the hand of the people", he said.

"I think there are many people on 70,000 who may well feel their circumstances are such that they are not rich and I understand that but they are certainly on a higher income than those on 26,000".

Fielding said. "Labour will look like a rabble, and that will be an image that will be imprinted on many voters for a number of elections to come".

Additionally, 44% of bets placed in the "to win most seats" market favoured the Labour party.

"It's hard to see a silver lining for a party going into a general election with a 20-point deficit", said Anthony Wells, associate director of political research at the polling company YouGov Plc.

Holding on to the seat will prove a challenge for whoever replaces Blenkinsop: the party's majority has been under 2,500 at both the 2010 and 2015 elections.

This morning he is due to set out his vision for a Labour government, ...

"It is these rules that have allowed a cozy cartel to rig the system in favor of a few powerful and wealthy individuals and corporations", Corbyn said. "We will overturn this rigged system".

MPs voted by 522 to 13 in favour of holding a general election with polls suggesting Conservative leader Theresa May is on course for a landslide victory on June 8. "But things can, and they will, change".

  • Leroy Wright