Fearing attack, Christians avoid the outdoors on Easter

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is described in the New Testament and the festival marked for the day is called Easter.

Ayade noted that Christ's resurrection was not to engage in wild and elaborate celebration "but to give our lives meaning and direction and the opportunity to close ranks, no matter our differences and circumstances".

In her Easter message, the First Lady said: "My fellow Ghanaians, I will like to wish my Christian brothers and sisters a Happy Easter".

Easter and the renewal of baptismal promises remind us of who we are, redeemed and saved by the Risen Lord, committed to live a life of truth and justice, of love and peace.

For 2,000 years Easter is accompanied by holy fire, which inexplicably lights up in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, Israel.

Easter Sunday is a special time for clergy members. The Western Christian church follows the Gregorian calendar, while the Eastern Orthodox uses the older Julian calendar, so the two Easters are often weeks apart. Let this Easter be the beginning of a positive change in the nations of the world. On Sunday he plans to ask his congregation the question, "Will Easter make a difference in your life?"

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) President Rev. Samson Ayokunle has assured Nigerians that the power of resurrection will end the menace of corruption and recession.

"We had a good service for an Easter Sunday, about 85 to 90 this morning".

"As the resurrection morning brought a day of joy and laughter back to the disciples, the future years shall be full of abundance in Nigeria and bring back our joy and celebration in our streets in the name of Jesus".

"In this regard, Easter teaches us that even in times of trouble, trials and tribulations we can not give up".

On the third day after He died - the day we now celebrate as Easter Sunday - his friends went to His grave and found that He had risen from the dead. You and I are like yeast: small and insignificant; yet, with an incredible capacity to enliven, enlighten and enthuse others.

  • Zachary Reyes