Balenciaga's $2145 bag bears striking resemblance to Ikea's 99-cent tote

Ikea's iconic 99 cent bag has gotten a high-fashion upgrade courtesy of Balenciaga.

As a fashion house, Balenciaga has made a name for itself with headline-baiting designs, with the Ikea knockoff entirely on brand.

It's not the first time there have been eerie similarities between Balenciaga products and normal household items - people freaked out earlier in the year about their £2300 blanket bag - which looks just like the packaging you get those fleecy blankets with HUGE flowers on in. Balenciaga sheepskin-lined boots inspired by Ikea's Rens rug or earrings based on the retailer's super popular Billy bookcase? It hasn't publicly responded to the controversy, so we can't be sure. In fact, the company is downright flattered by the imitation.

"We are deeply flattered that the Balenciaga tote bag resembles the Ikea iconic sustainable blue bag for 99 cents".

Balenciaga Handbag

Fashionistas with a penchant for flatpack rejoice, being on trend with this season's most important tote bag simply means making a trip to Ikea.

"Finding beauty in the every day", to quote Balenciaga, the brand released earlier this year its "Blanket printed textured-leather tote", created to look like a plastic carrier case for bedding.

But back to Balenciaga's latest sensation. Balenciaga, the French luxury brand, just released its Arena Extra Large Shopping Tote, which looks pretty darn similar to the old Ikea shopping bag. According to Elle, it's also available in yellow and black in case you want to avoid anyone talking to you about Ikea's infamous meatballs.

  • Salvatore Jensen