9-year-old's heartwarming reaction to Cubs tickets

In a video that is now going viral, Kolt Kyler can be seen talking with his dad. Kyler said. Without hesitation, Kolt nodded "yes". The Cubs tweeted at Kolt's sister, "How are you enjoying your new careers and your brother's PR Agent?" "I think more people in the world should take note of Kolt's work ethic, attitude, and thankfulness".

We all deserve to be rewarded every now and again, especially if you've been working hard at school, the farm and baseball field like this nine-year-old boy. He's not only an honor roll student, but he's on a traveling baseball team and helps his father out on their farm.

His sister Hannah Himes posted video of the exchange on Twitter.

"Me and daddy are going to Wrigley Field", he says through tears. First baseman Anthony Rizzo and third baseman Kris Bryant saw the video and chose to do something special for Kolt.

"His work ethic is wonderful", she said.

The Cubs noticed how much attention Himes has gotten after posting the video and sent her a message on Twitter, which led to a terrific back-and-forth.

  • Julie Sanders