What Drugs Were Found Inside Prince's Home? Court Documents Reveal New Evidence

Investigators found a suitcase with a name tag for "Peter Bravestrong", an alias used by Prince, containing several prescription bottles in Johnson's name, at Paisley Park. "There are no restrictions on Dr. Schulenberg's medical license, and contrary to headlines and media reports published in the wake of [Monday]'s unsealing of search warrants relating to the investigation, Dr. Schulenberg never directly prescribed opioids to Prince, nor did he ever prescribe opioids to any other person with the intent that they would be given to Prince".

Prince was 57 when he was found dead in an elevator inside his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota on April 21.

Some overdoses, officials say, are attributable to the fact that people take what they believe is a pain pill of a strength they are familiar with and die because they are unaware it has been produced with a much stronger drug, such as fentanyl.

The warrants do not reveal how Prince obtained the fentanyl, but it does name Dr. Michael Todd Schulenberg as the doctor who prescribed the oxycodone.

Investigators spoke with one of Prince's previous bodyguards who said the singer was very untrusting of cell phones, after his cell phone was hacked and his personal information was stolen. Affidavits and search warrants were unsealed in Carver County District Court Monday, April 17, 2017, as the yearlong investigation into Prince's death continues. The singer was apparently prescribed oxycodone under the name Kirk Johnson.

Police searched the property in the aftermath of the singer's death, and on Monday (17Apr17), newly-unsealed court documents revealed authorities found a huge stash of prescription drugs at his home.

The investigation showed Johnson would contact Dr. Schulenberg to help Prince with his hip pain.

Authorities in Minnesota executed a total of 11 search warrants between April 21 and September 19 previous year. It was later reported that Prince was treated with drugs that combat drug overdoses.

Johnson is a close confidante and aide who started working for Prince in the '80s. While, according to Conners, he has not been interviewed by investigators since the day Prince died. In a new memoir called "The Most Beautiful", Prince's first wife, Mayte Garcia, said she never saw him take drugs, but she did say the singer once asked her to go up to his hotel room and "flush some pills".

Hill revealed that she would communicate with Prince by phone and email, using a Gmail address with the name "Peter Bravestrong", a pseudonym he often used to hide his identity while travelling, People.com reported.

On another occasion, within weeks of their 1996 wedding, Garcia said she was informed that Prince was in the hospital and had to have his stomach pumped.

  • Salvatore Jensen