US Sales Of Nintendo Switch, New 'Zelda' Break Company Records

Nintendo's new video game console, the Switch, is a hit. That is generally true, though there are some exceptions, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the Nintendo Wii U. It seems that Nintendo is making up for lost time and sales with the Nintendo Switch.

The only answer for more copies of Zelda being sold than units of the Switch is fans are buying gear and games before they buy the Switch.

Both consoles have been criticized for their launch lineups - either for the lackluster number of games offered on the Switch or the lack of a first-party system seller on the Wii U - but the Switch certainly benefitted from one monster game. This data means Nintendo has earned $271.8 million on Switch consoles from the USA alone in a one-month period!

Based on these figures, SuperData projects that Nintendo Switch will have 7.2 million units sold in 2017, which is considerably higher than original forecast (5 millions in 2017).

Nintendo has revealed that, according to the NPD Group, the Nintendo Switch has sold more than 906,000 units during its launch month.

Nintendo says the Switch is its fastest-selling console in history - besting the Wii and the Super Nintendo, among others. This makes the Switch Nintendo's fastest selling console ever. On top of the 2.4 million consoles sold worldwide, this report also predicts that there will be an increase in sales for the Nintendo Switch this year, from 5 million to 7.2 million. That means the game saw an attach rate of more than 100% for Nintendo Switch, which may be attributed to those who purchased both the standard and limited edition versions.

The Nintendo Switch is selling fast and breaking records at Nintendo. And the Nintendo Switch therefore has broken all records.

A game that comes out on two consoles has an OK chance of outselling the new one it launches with, but pulling it off without even needing the previous-generation sales is a truly impressive feat. For instance, the company expects to launch the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game, which contains several new additions than any other Mario Kart game in the series history, on Switch by April 28.

  • Arturo Norris