Trump Thanks Chinese President For Visit, US Military For Syria Attack

While the world's attention was focussed on the USA missile strikes on Syria, Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping quietly wrapped up their first round of meetings on Friday that the American side described as "positive and productive".

But the two sides avoided any diplomatic gaffes at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida that would have tarnished the meeting in the eyes of the protocol-conscious Chinese. Trump informed South Korean Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn in a Saturday telephone call of his summit discussion with Xi. Xi also defused the trade surplus issue, equally as tricky as dealing with the North, by agreeing with Trump on a workable framework.

Trump had joked to reporters on Thursday that he had "gotten nothing, absolutely nothing" from his first meeting with Xi - but they had developed a friendship he was sure would become "a very, very great relationship".

Chinese President Xi Jinping returned home late Saturday after a successful trip to the United States, where he met with President Donald Trump. Along with its rapidly advancing nuclear and long-range missile capabilities, it has its artillery and short-range missiles trained on Seoul, the capital of US ally South Korea and a city of more than 10 million people.

It looks that President Trump has a pretty bad and militarily ill approach toward North Korea but China alone can not influence the United States possible action on North Korea.

But the two leaders did not hold a press conference.

Mr Trump has repeatedly criticised China for exporting more to the USA than it buys.

"All of us are feeling very good about the results of this summit".

Trump talked up the meeting with lots of tough rhetoric about how he was going to get China to fully exert its influence over North Korea or, if he needed to, go it alone, saying Washington could "totally" resolve the issue without China's help.

PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) - The U.S. airstrikes this week were aimed at a Syrian air base, but nearly certainly got the attention of another adversary - North Korea.

USA missile attacks against Syria sent a stern warning to North Korea and China that the United States is ready to use military force if necessary, said a senior official from the Obama administration.

For China, whose foreign policy bureaucracy continues to wrangle with the overall direction of Trump's foreign policy amid mixed signals, factoring these tendencies in U.S. decision-making on the North Korean problem and the South China Sea will be a necessity.

The airstrikes, announced shortly after Trump and Xi wrapped up dinner Thursday night, were retaliation against Syrian President Bashar Assad for a chemical weapons attack against civilians caught up in his country's long civil war.

The friendly banter between the leaders belied growing tension in the relationship after Trump's public criticisms of China and his promises to extract concessions from the country on trade and North Korea.

Tillerson described the strikes as "deliberately considered" by the president and a "response that we believe is both proportional and appropriate".

As a candidate and president, Trump has taken an aggressive posture toward China, labeling Beijing a "tremendous problem" and arguing that lopsided trade deals with China shortchange American businesses and workers.

"President Trump welcomed President Xi's invitation to visit China for a state visit at a future date".

The Trump administration has emphasized that Washington could place additional unilateral sanctions on North Korea, as well as measures against Chinese banks and companies engaged in illegal transactions with North Korea.

What was billed as a showdown between the leaders of the United States and China over trade and North Korea ended with little sign of confrontation Friday - or of concrete progress in resolving their differences.

During an interview with the Financial Times on Sunday, Trump warned that if China was unwilling to collaborate on North Korea, the U.S. would be willing to go it alone.

Main points covered at the U.S. "So they recognize that that shows our clear determination to crack down on that sort of activity", Ross said.

"China welcomes the United States side to participate in cooperation within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative", said Xi.

China is ready to enhance law-enforcement cooperation with the USA side, said Xi, calling on the two sides to jointly combat transnational crimes such as drug trafficking, child trafficking, money laundering, cyber crime and organized crime.

  • Leroy Wright