Three dead as man goes on killing spree in California city

In addition to Tuesday's killings, police said Muhammad was suspected in the fatal shooting of a security guard, also a white male, last week.

Muhammad now faces four counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder, according to court records.

Muhammad also pointed his gun at a white woman and her toddler but did not shoot them. Dyer called it a “random act of violence.”. Dyer said he surrendered to a responding officer without incident and later apologized to the chief. The driver, who is Latino, sped off to the police station for help, but the shot worker, a 34-year-old white man, died. Fresno's police chief said his former name was Cory McDonald. There, he encountered a man in the parking lot and killed him, Dyer said.

The men happened to be on the same block, but had no known connection to each other or to the shooter, Kori Ali Muhammad, who told police he wanted to kill as many white people as he could before he was captured.

"I don't know why he got on this Muhammad stuff ... he tried to tell me about it". Muhammad dove to the ground and yelled “Ali Akbar” before he was taken into custody, Dyer said. Williams was a security guard for the motel, police said.

"Too early to say whether or not this involves terrorism", Dyer was quoted as saying.

On social media, he referred to white people as "devils". The term means "God is great" in Arabic.

"This is exclusively based on race, and it had nothing to do with terrorism in spite of the statement he made", Dyer said at a news conference.

A psychiatrist who examined Muhammad believed he had psychosis, Muhammad's lawyer said in the court filing.

Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, has been arrested in the shootings, which killed three people. His Facebook page at one point indicated that he was in Atlanta, which was untrue, Dyer said. The victim also was taken to Community Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, Dyer said. At least one shooting victim remained on the scene, and officers with K-9 are searching for the murder weapon. The shooting happened Tuesday morning near a Catholic Charities building.

Dan Lynch of Fresno County Emergency Medical Services says the two wounded by gunfire have been transported to hospitals. A Fresno city spokesman says county offices are on lockdown, and people have been urged to shelter in place. Around 16 shots were fired during the shooting spree, police said.

The gunman shot a PG&E truck passenger and two other men in downtown Fresno, Dyer said. The Chief said the suspect's statements were clear and coherent during questioning. The final victim, 58, was shot dead in the vehicle park of a charity building.

"He didn't look like a gang-banger or anything", the witness said.

  • Carolyn Briggs