The Complete Guide to Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft started rolling out the Windows 10 Creators yesterday via Windows Update and it should automatically be installed once it's made available to your computer.

Is Windows Vista removed completely by Microsoft? .

But the Windows 10 Creators Update doesn't only have features that creators would love, as it also improved the privacy settings, as well as the Edge browser.

Night light. Many people are aware that evidence suggests blue light from electronic displays causes the human brain to believe it's daytime; thus viewing screens before bedtime can ruin your sleep.

Given that Microsoft is keen for you to see the results, there's no prizes for guessing which browser came out on top, yep, Microsoft Edge.

Security updates to Scripting Engine, libjpeg image-processing library, Hyper-V, Windows kernel-mode drivers, Adobe Type Manager Font Driver, Internet Explorer, Graphics Component, Active Directory Federation Services, .NET Framework, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, Microsoft Edge and Windows OLE. The same applies for the default app settings for email, music player, photo viewer, and video player.

The Pause Update button provides a momentary pause in the Windows 10 update schedule.

Just some of Microsoft's own applications are compatible with picture-in-picture at this moment, yet all designers will have the capacity to incorporate the element in application updates. Your Xbox One is either streaming 4K video or playing a game, but it's never doing both. Its built-into the update and can be invoked with the Windows plus G key combo to bring up the Game Bar where you simply select the "broadcast" icon. Despite the fact that there are not numerous inventive components in the operating system update by and large, Paint 3D is the undeniable expansion. Downloading the file manually is also useful for those who have multiple Windows 10 PC devices and have limited bandwidth. Once you are done with a Paint 3D creation, it can without much of a stretch be shared to the Remix 3D site or even utilized on a Windows Mixed Reality headset as well. There you can also watch videos outlining all the new stuff in the update, and there's a game-specific update overview video too. To show how Microsoft Edge's efficiency to the world, Microsoft even released a video a year ago - comparing the battery usage of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox when it comes to video playback. You can tweak the stream settings, though.

So, Why do a Windows 10 Upgrade Now?

On Windows 10, click Start (Windows logo), choose "Settings", select "Update & Security", then on the "Windows Update" section, click on "Advanced Options".

  • Arturo Norris